About Aundra

Hi all! I am Aundra, a cool, ambitious woman from South Florida.  I am a/an:

*Licensed Esthetician (FL & soon to be TX)

*Published Make-up Artist & Contributing Author

*Sci-Fi Movie Geek

*Avid Googler

*Lifelong Learner

*A great friend; & most of all


I enjoy educating people about proper skincare and what works best for their skin.  This is why I offer free consultations nationwide because increasing your skincare knowledge is my concern. Through our partnership, you will have access to effective products with the right recommendations.

I absolutely LOVE the Beauty industry and how it can improve appearance and boost confidence!  If you have any questions about your skincare goals and how to achieve them, please contact me and I will be happy to speak with you. 

The BEST thing about  Aundra Alecia Skincare is that we haven't grown large and cold.  You get specialized attention and FAST shipping! Your love for our products makes us want to do a very good job.  And, if by some chance, you see an area we can improve upon, we'd like to hear about that too!

We look forward to providing you high quality products!